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200+ PROMISES THAT JESUS MADE Future (F). Present (P). | Unconditional (U). Conditional (C). | General (G). Individual (I). Old Testament the LORD gave the Covenant of Law, New Testament the Covenant of Promise PLACE YOUR MOUSE OVER THE REFERENCE TO READ THE PROMISE DOWNLOAD THE PDF (rick click and save as) Promise Reference F/P U/C G/I (You will) see. John 1.29 P …

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Was Charles H. Spurgeon Calvinist?

Many like to claim Spurgeon as a staunch Calvinist, all the way through, but listen to what he said concerning free-will, and I quote: “I do not think I differ from any of my Hyper-Calvinistic brethren in what I do believe, but I differ from them in what they do not believe. I do not hold any less than they …

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The Seal of God

Some churches such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that only 144,000 people will be saved. If you ask a Seventh-day Adventist, do you have the Seal of God? many would find that to be an uncomfortable and difficult question to answer. The reason is, the Adventist prophet Ellen G. White taught that only those people that obey the Ten Commandments …

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