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The Bible

Is The Bible Historically Reliable?


Is The Bible Historically Reliable? by J.W. Moore The December 18, 1995 cover of Time magazine asked the question, “Is the Bible Fact or Fiction?” A sidebar to the featured article, “Are the Bible’s Stories True?”, cited the following opinions (emphasis added) summarizing some of the oldest events from the …

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Historical Evidence for the Bible


Historical Evidence for the Bible by Matt Perman If the Bible is the inerrant and infallible word of God, as it claims (2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:21), we would expect there to be some evidence supporting these claims. After all, just because something claims to be the word of …

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Can I Trust the Bible?


Can I Trust the Bible? by Rabbi Glenn Harris Preface Most people approach history textbooks somewhat uncritically, accepting what they read as accurate and authoritative. And why not? History books place no moral demands on us (not even to learn from history!). However, when a book makes absolute moral and …

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Bible Statistics


“Only half of American adults can name even one of the four Gospels. Most Americans cannot name the first book of the Bible. Only one-third know that Jesus (no, not Billy Graham) delivered the Sermon on the Mount. A majority of Americans wrongly believe that the Bible says that Jesus …

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The Bible is the Word of God


Seven Reasons Why I Believe THE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD From the book: CHRISTIAN FOUNDATIONS (1971– uncopyrighted) by Dr. Ian Richard Kyle Paisley THE BIBLE IS the Grand Charter of Christianity. To undermine, discredit and reject the Bible is to undermine, discredit and reject Christianity. Christianity is rooted …

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