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David -v- Doug: Context or Pretext?


Are the Commandments still valid today?

Bible Answers Live – Doug Batchelor


In today’s Bible Answers Live Doug rapidly fires off several Bible references giving the listener the false idea that what he is teaching is built on solid rock, when in fact not one of these verses is a genuine proof text. Each of the Biblical references that Doug makes fails the Biblical hermeneutics test of CONTEXT miserably! What Doug is teaching millions of people over the radio in this example from Bible Answers Live is built on sinking sand with no scriptural support whatsoever. It’s a straw-man, a sham argument perpetrated in a persuasive manner by some very talented public speakers.
Doug is a good person, and he honestly believes what he is teaching. He is not intentionally setting out to deceive anyone. He is quite sincere about his convictions. As are thousands of other gifted speakers in the Seventh-day Adventist church. This past century the Adventist church has produced some of the most gifted speakers in the world. Lyle Albrecht, C. D. Brooks, H.M.S. Richards Sr. J.R. Hoffman, Joe Crews, David Asscherick, John Carter, Lonnie Melashenko… the list goes on and on. Each of these men have my deepest respect, but what we need to understand is that the more frequently a lie is told, and the more talented the men are that tell it, the more people that go on to believe and even teach it.
If you want to get past all of the pretexts of what these men are teaching from all of these Bible references you need to go back to this teachings foundations, and go back into the 1840’s and 1850’s to those people that first used these Bible verses and formulated these arguments. Men like James White and Joseph Bates, and women like Ellen G. White. That is precisely what we offer here at The Loud Cry Christian Ministry. Doug is just one of thousands of gifted men that have been duped into believing and teaching these same things to others. I honestly see Doug as a victim, who like a domino effect has helped dupe millions of people preparing yet another generation to be duped and go on to dupe others.
I have only compassion and the deepest concern for Doug and the Adventist people. I once taught the same things Doug is teaching, and used the same arguments. I am deeply remorseful over that fact, and am concerned for the thousands around the world that were influenced by what I taught them here on The Loud Cry Ministry during that time. It may be impossible to reach all of them now and tell them that what I taught them back then was wrong, but I can and I must try!


Pretexts| Matthew 5:17-19 | Mark 10:17-22 |Matthew 15:3-9 | Romans 4:15 | John 14:15 |1 John 5:2-3

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