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The Loud Cry Ministry!

Welcome! Topics discussed on The Loud Cry Ministry are the Bible, God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, the Cross and what this gracious gift to the world means, the atonement, the resurrection, justification, sanctification, the book of life, forgiveness of sin, seal of God, Bible parables, its prophecies, the Law and God’s grace. All the essentials to obtaining peace with God and eternal life. 


This website has been made for those who LOVE TO STUDY THE BIBLE. If you want to get deeper in the word of God, you have found the right place.


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David M. Curtis
Director/Speaker of
The Loud Cry Ministry

About David M. Curtis

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David is a self-employed business owner who enjoys web and graphics design, a good TV show or movie, spending time with his animals and friends. For many years,David taught the Bible on the west coast 5 days a week over the radio for a broadcast he called, "The Loud Cry Ministry." David has been in ministry his entire adult life, having visited and taught in churches coast to coast, including churches in California, New York, Tennessee, Kansas, Nevada, Texas, Georgia, Oregon and Washington. David has been in marketing for over a dozen years now having owned or managed four offices, with hundreds of employees. David is responsible for creating and developing projects that cost in excess of half a million dollars, and absolutely loves developing new concepts and ideas and turning them into a reality. Currently David resides in Cincinnati OH where he works from home managing his online business US Home Work Force for the past three years, in which he provides websites and training for thousands of people all across the country helping them to earn a substantial income over the Internet.
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