Isn’t Sunday Pagan? “Venerable Day of the Sun”

“In the constitution of Constantine of A.D. 321, which spoke of the “venerable day of the sun,” Constantine regards Sunday as venerable undoubtedly from the Christian standpoint. It had been so regarded by the Christians since the second century, as the day of the Resurrection.”

“It would, therefore, be venerable to Constantine, who had already legalized the Christian religion. If it was in any way venerable or a holiday to the pagans, so far as my information goes, the pagans must have adopted the practice from the Christians.” – W. H. WESTERMAN University of Wisconsin

There is so much good stuff on this website, and I do not want to keep you tied up to long on this question, and yet I do know this question has to be addressed, so we will get right into it and keep it short and sweet, or at least to the point. Stick with me, I am going to be a little sarcastic in this post. Trust me it is called for, and it is about the only way some of our brothers and sisters will see how silly and “out there” this type of argument really is. After all Seventh-day Adventists take it quite seriously. So let’s apply this same type of reasoning elsewhere.

You need to understand that Pagans did NOT have weekly Sunday festivals in honor to the Sun. That is a total MYTH Sunday – Setting the Record Straight (don’t click that link yet I will share it again at the bottom of the post). That lie was invented by a man who was anti-Christian, and claimed everything about Christianity INCLUDING THE SABBATH was pagan. The Seventh-day Adventist pioneers based this idea completely from this book. Dr. Samuel Bacchiocchi PhD. (SDA historian and professor of Andrews University), disproved that notion beyond all doubt. At the bottom of this page I will give this link again. Read those posts. Very important information there.

Assembling together on Sunday DOES NOT VIOLATE the Ten Commandments anymore than gathering together on Wednesday for a mid-week meeting! Both Sunday and Wednesday are after all named after pagan gods.

One could argue using the same reasons as SDA apply against Sunday, that all who worship the Carpenters son Jesus Christ on Wednesday are giving homage to the god of wood, since that is what Wednesday is named after. Furthermore Wednesday night worship services have no scriptural support, and are only based on tradition. And yet no one is warning against the coming wrath of God for singing hymns and reading the Bible on either Wednesday or Friday nights!

Saturday is Saturn’s day, should we feel it a duty to warn that Adventist’s are giving homage to Saturn and are branded with a mark of the astrological god’s by assembling together and worshiping on Saturday? Of course not, that would be ridiculous! However let’s do something fun. Just for the “object lesson” of it and nothing more, let’s entertain this for a moment.

One could reason, using the SDA argument against Sunday, that all who worship on Saturday are actually giving homage to the pagan god of all gods, the father of Zeus, Saturn, previously known as Cronus, the god of time. Saturn’s day or Saturday came from what the Ancient Greek’s called the 7th day, “hemera Khronu” the ‘day of Cronus.’ Cronus was banished to the pagan’s “hell” Tartarus by his son Zeus, but later managed to escape to Italy, where he ruled under his new alias “Saturn.” The period of his rule was said to be a golden age on earth, honored by the Saturnalia feast.

Imagine with me hypothetically/fictitiously of course, that a brand new church arose with a person claiming to be a prophet whose core teaching required people to warn the Seventh-day Adventist that they were in fact giving homage to Cronus who to the ancient pagans was the king of Heaven and the “god of all the gods,” the very father of Zeus. Cronus was a greater god than his grandson Apollo (the sun god) and the father of everything pagan within Greek mythology! This new church warns the Adventist unrelentingly year after year that a law is coming that will force all the world to observe Saturday, and that once this happens that all who give into the governments pressure will be branded with the mark of this pagan god’s authority and will in fact be giving homage to astrology thus grossly offending the true God of Heaven when they worship on that day? Cronus was the god of time, this churches fictitious prophet teaches that Adventist who observe the 24 hours of time on Saturn’s day are in fact giving a sacrificial offering of time to the pagan “god of time.” More than this, since Cronus was the ruling god of Italy, observance of Saturday under the coming law will thereby cause the Seventh-day Adventist to “reach across the gulf and clasp hands with the Roman power.”

Every fact presented is historically accurate to Greek and Roman Mythology. Adventist could not deny any of it. This new church could go on decade after decade calling the General Conference “Antichrist” and accusing its leaders of secretly worshiping Cronus behind closed doors. People just love a scandal. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not. History records that if someone preaches something charismatically and enthusiastically enough times there will be people out there naive enough to go along with it and believe it, and go on to teach it themselves. Need I cite several bizarre religions as proofs to this fact?

However unreasonable and unfair this argument is, we need to realize that this is the same class of argument Adventists wage against Evangelicals. The fact is that neither Adventist nor Evangelicals assemble in homage of anything pagan, rather they both gather together to sincerely worship Jesus Christ! Evangelical’s no more worship Apollo than Adventist worship Cronus when they assemble on their respective days of worship. Neither can help the fact that EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK has been named after something astrological and pagan thousands of years ago. Evangelicals only wish to worship Christ as they gather on Sunday. Not a single one of them comes to church to either worship the pope or the sun! That is completely outrageous, slanderous and is a total misrepresentation of the truth not to mention unfair to the millions of sincere Christians to say otherwise.

Pagans did NOT have weekly Sunday festivals in honor to the Sun. That is a total MYTH Sunday – Setting the Record Straight

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