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Last week I was contacted by someone who studied their way out of the Sabbatarian Messianic movement after being among them for 27 years. She arrived at the same conclusions as I present on this website INDEPENDENTLY from my website. She wrote me after discovering my website to let me know what a huge encouragement it has been to her.

She wrote me about all the unlearning that is involved when coming out of the Messianic Movement. She made mention of Freemasons in one of her emails, and we were discussing some of these matters in the email I sent her below just minutes ago. I decided to post this email, in case it is a help to anyone else. I hope this background helps to fill in some of the blanks, since this is not an article, rather it is an email in an already established conversation.

Hello xxxxxxxxx,

I think I know exactly where you’re coming from. Former Seventh-day Adventist have a similar dilemma. We have spent years studying the writings of Ellen White. Ellen White taught a great deal of extra biblical things. There is scarcely a story from the Bible that she comments on that doesn’t contain some extra glimmer of detail. And as you read these things from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective, you accept them as details given by a direct vision from God. So as you read them, and as you read the Bible, year after year, what the actual story in the Bible says, and the version given by Ellen White become blended together.

Whenever a movie is made about a story in the Bible, the same type of thing happens. The screenwriter’s ad lib. some drama into the story. The only differences, at least for me, I know the movie is simply telling a story and is not inspired. But when the Adventists reads Ellen White and her extra biblical ad lib. it is accepted as infallible truths.

Christian authors have done this for centuries (After all, if someone wants the exact information as it is given, all he needs to do is read the Bible). Ellen White gleaned most of her work from other writers (Adventists have not been able to demonstrate that even 20% of her writings is original). When someone read the original authors work, serious Bible students could easily recognize the authors own additions to the Biblical narrative. Such as the serpent flying with wings in Genesis chapter 3. The Bible says nothing of the kind. However, when the Adventist who believes White to be a prophet reads it, he too can see that something is added, but he takes it as bona fide fact.

A Statement by Associate Secretary – Ellen G. White Estate

So with most former Adventists, who have spent decades reading in the writings of Ellen White, it can be years before some of these ideas get filtered out.

It is quite possible that what LaRouche has done with the Temple in Jerusalem and the Freemasons is much the same as what Adventist themselves have done in some instances. How we view the Bible is how we view the world. It is something known as a “worldview.” Once we adopt a worldview at times, we can even look for evidence that supports that worldview. To the Adventist the papacy is the Antichrist. So with the Adventist they take real secret societies such as the Freemasons, the Illuminati, and the Jesuits and they derive some facts and add to them, some conspiracy theories. And since the conspiracy theory supports the worldview the mind immediately adopts the theory as fact. Although the thought may terrify, the mind actually wants to believe it.

Notes on Catholicism


LaRouche, along with the charismatic movement, and some Baptists believe in the seven-year end time tribulation. A secret rapture, etc. One time I attended a Baptist church, with over 10,000 members. The pastor spoke on the secret rapture that day. He was a powerful preacher. He was very charismatic and very believable. He told an eloquent story, and in the end that’s all it was, a story. You see, I have a practice of taking notes during a sermon. I like to see how many scriptures a preacher uses to support his arguments. And during this one-hour sermon, the preacher used two Scriptures. Neither of which had anything to do with the secret rapture. But rather supported a point that he brought up. That was in reality a rabbit trail, having nothing to do with the main subject.

Allow me to speak frankly for a moment. I believe those who interpret the 70th week of Daniel nine to an end times seven-year tribulation and the secret rapture, actually hold to a complete and total myth, every bit as much as a Seventh-day Adventist who believes in Adventism and the writings of Ellen G. White. Both those that believe in the secret rapture and those that believe in Ellen G. White have adopted their own particular worldview. The Adventist is looking for a future Sunday law in America. Those who believe in the secret rapture are looking forward to the Temple being rebuilt in Jerusalem. These two events are what these two different worldviews look forward to as the key ingredient in their end time scenario. Both look to news articles, and the like to find anything to support their worldview.

If a newspaper article says the slightest thing, then mountains are made out of mole hills. I have seen this happen time and again for decades.

In my estimation, both have resorted to conspiracy theories in this way, to make up for the lack of hard evidence to support their worldview. Sunday laws exist as do groups of people who would like to see the Temple rebuilt in Jerusalem. So each group, both those who believe in the secret rapture, and the Seventh-day Adventist have some fact, upon which to base their theory. But neither ends where the facts themselves end. Rather, both groups have added to the facts with their own unique conspiracy theories . . . mountains are made out of mole hills. They do so to make up for the lack of evidence to support their worldview.

Eschatology among Seventh-day Adventist and those that believe in the secret rapture couldn’t be any further apart and different from one another. Which means that one or both must be wrong. And yet both have some fact upon which to draw some encouragement to hold their view. I have known Adventist who have spent decades studying about Jesuits and illuminati and Freemasons. There are Anti-Catholic websites chock full of information like this. Some of which is no doubt based on fact. But for these people, the conspiracy theory itself has become the core of their worldview, and view towards eschatology. They present their theories as fact. In fact, they believe in them with all their hearts, which makes them all the more convincing.

The 20th century, had a great many false messiahs and cultic leaders. For the average person, the things these men taught was ludicrous, unreasonable, and at times, insane. The average person cannot understand why anyone would believe their teachings. All of this goes to show how much people are like sheep. If the shepherd comes along and is charismatic and convincing, He can say almost anything and get multitudes to follow him.

I have learned first-hand that just because 17 million people believe something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. And yet at the same time those 17 million people are honest and convicted, and some of whom are really willing to die for those beliefs. Just as were the followers of Jim Jones who drank his Kool-Aid.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I require more than theory to support a worldview. I am well aware that Freemasons illuminati and Jesuits exist. I am well aware they may have plans in place to do the world harm and not good. Therefore, I do not deny their existence, nor do I deny that they are active. However, I have seen the harm it has caused to individuals who have become obsessed with, who has spent decades studying them and made conspiracy theories, their religion.

I demand a plain, “thus saith the Lord.”

I am a simple person, and I know I do not have all the answers. There are great many things I do not know. I have seen videos, and I have read books about Jesuits and Freemasons and illuminati. Frankly, there are not too many conspiracy theories involving them that I’ve not yet heard about. But the one thing I am certain about is that the truth may never be known about any of the secret societies except by those who are part of them.

The world is chock full of enemies against Christ and all of these secret societies may very well be included in the list. We can add to them the Jews themselves who have rejected Christ. We can add to them, the Muslims, we can add to them, people from every religion and philosophy group and school of education in the world that has taken non scriptural stances. We can add to that group, every unconverted person. Christ said, we are either for him or we are against him. We can add to that group false shepherds, false churches, false gospels, and those that are deceived by them.

And what are we left with? Christians!

Jesus said father will betray son, daughter will betray mother, so that we cannot even put our families in the absolutely safe category.

Our faith must be in the Lord!

We must not trust in the arm of flesh!

Whatever the future may hold, whatever we may or may not have to pass through, the one thing that is certain in this life. Is that the mercy of the Lord endures forever! The Lord is faithful! The Lord is good! And we can put our confidence in God!

We can focus on the darkness, and how the enemy is on every side. Or we can choose to focus on the light and the power of God and his might. We can fortify our minds with the promise, that 10,000 shall fall at my right side. That no weapon formed against thee shall prosper. That my food and my water shall be sure.

It matters not what the plans of the enemy may be. We already know that the enemy plans us harm and not good. Of this there can be no doubt. But let me say it again, it matters not what the plans of the enemy may be! All that matters is what saith the Lord? The enemy can do nothing, unless the Lord allows him. The enemy can plan anything he likes, but if it goes against Scripture. It will not come to pass, because the Scripture is the word of God and the Word of God is more powerful than the plans of the enemy.

We are living in dark times, just yesterday as I visited the post office. The worker I talked to told me of plans to possibly shut down the post office. Last month I read of the possibility of the European economy collapsing of China’s economy collapsing of South America’s economy collapsing. And we live with fears everyday of the United States economy collapsing. Things are being spoken today that have never been spoken in the world’s history. And perhaps the secret societies are behind all of it. For me it matters not. What matters for me today is my relationship with the Lord. Do I have a relationship that will see me through whatever the world may throw at me? That is what matters!

If a person is well versed in what secret societies are going to do. It will not help him one jot or tittle. In that hour the only thing that will sustain us is the grace of God.

While it is true that I was a Seventh-day Adventist for decades of my life. I was blessed in the fact that I read the Bible. 99% of the time compared to the 1% I read Ellen White. During my time as a Seventh-day Adventist, I wore out 11 leather bound Bibles to the point that their bindings fell apart. My first love has always been the Bible. So perhaps I had less unlearning to do than others. For years, Ellen White influenced how I interpreted certain scriptures, but I still knew the scriptures. So when my eyes were open. The pieces came together quite quickly for me. However, I admit the first two months; I recognized there was much unlearning I’d have to go through. The greatest breakthrough for me was learning the covenants. After that my eyes were wide open.

But I have known Adventist who read Ellen white 99% of the time and only read their Bibles 1%. I have known Adventist who believed in the inspiration of Ellen G. White to the degree that they believed it was no longer necessary to read their Bibles. Even as a Seventh-day Adventist that horrified me. But for somebody that had that experience, if they were to come out Adventism then Ellen White’s influence would probably be a part of their understanding for the rest Of their lives, regardless. Because they look at every story in the Bible the way that Ellen white taught, along with all her extra biblical additions.

The messianic must go through something very similar. There are many traditions and oral teachings and Jewish thoughts that are added to the Scripture that are extra biblical that carry a strange fascination upon the mind. There is much beauty behind much of this, just as there is much beauty carried in the thoughts conveyed in Ellen White’s writings, but with the messianic the beauty lay with the symbolism, the ritual. I understand, and I have attended messianic synagogues and worship among them, although I was never one of them. Both messianic and Seventh-day Adventist holds to extra biblical thinking. One from tradition and the other from Ellen G. White.

xxxxxxx, I think you’re heading in the right direction. I must do the same thing. I love the study, and research and write all the time. However, this last year and a half. The theme of my heart is the gospel, is salvation, is mercy, is forgiveness, is a right understanding of the covenants. All of this has liberated my soul, and as unburden my heart and drawn me into a closer relationship with God. I almost hesitate to say the last part, because in reality. I feel that I’ve only now just started to know God and his true love towards me. To understand the covenants is what has helped me to know God. And this is life eternal, that they might know thee John 17:3. Before I knew the Scripture but today, I know the experience.

I am thankful to meet such a one as yourself who is also known, this experience!

David M. Curtis

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