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You do seem like you are seeking answers, and are open.

Although this will prove to be a bit lengthy I assure you this is merely a quick summary. So allow me to summarize the things I have learned the last year. From this list let me know what you want to study first and I will help you with your journey. Remember each item is only a summary itemized description, and will require time to study to pray and time to consider carefully. I am not asking you to accept anything on this list. I only ask that you remain open. If you seek you will find the answers. Solid answers, that is completely orthodox and historically grounded within established Christianity. Nothing about this is “new light.” None of this is merely my own personal theories. All of these things have been believed by many that have gone before us throughout history. It is older than Adventism, and will outlive it.

Since this is merely a summary, it is not written trying to “prove,” anything. So don’t read it like I am trying to. I am writing this list so that you can have an overview of the BIG PICTURE, which took me hundreds of hours over many months to study before I could see it myself.


The 10 commandments written on stone by the finger of God at Mt. Sinai are the Old Covenant.

During Old Testament times men entered into this covenant by observing the SIGN of the Old Covenant which was Sabbath keeping.

Since Christ shed his blood and gave his life the Old Covenant has been replaced by a New Covenant, which has a new law and a new sign.

The Old Testament law written on stone “was not faultless” Hebrews 8. The tables of stone did not include mercy, long-suffering, compassion and forgiveness. Obedience to this law was followed according to the letter of the law. This was “a ministry of death and condemnation.”

The New Covenant law is LOVE, and it is written in the hearts by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It teaches us supreme love towards God through an abiding faith in Jesus Christ. It teaches us to refrain from anything that does harm to our neighbors such as lying, stealing and adultery. Love also teaches us mercy, long-suffering and forgiveness.  Obedience to the law of love springs from within the heart and is motivated by gratitude from a conscience purged of sin.

The Old Covenant gave an external physical rest every seventh day. This rest ended when the sun set Saturday night.

The New Covenant gives an internal rest Today (see Hebrews 4) which abides forever. Burdens are lifted at Calvary and are never placed on us again.
The judgment is for the wicked. It is where penalties for transgressing God’s will are meted out. The righteous are given the promise, “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears my word and believes him who sent me, has eternal life; HE DOES NOT COME INTO JUDGMENT, but has passed from death to life.” John 5:24 (RSV).

Hebrews 9 makes the Investigative Judgment an utter and complete impossibility, not to mention totally unnecessary.

Daniel 8 is a completely fulfilled prophecy now, and has been grossly twisted by Adventists in order to make v. 14 align with the doctrine of Investigative Judgment.

The date October 22, 1844 originated from a delusional self-proclaimed prophet by the name of Samuel Snow, who for several decades professed to be Elijah the Prophet.

The Day of Atonement in 1844 actually occurred on September 23.

The week before Ellen’s first vision, a copy of this same vision that was written by another man professing to have it was in the Harmon Home available for Ellen to read. She spent four hours, the night before she announced her vision with the first man who claimed to have this same vision. The next day after Ellen told her vision both of them claimed they were unaware of the others vision. A side note: That first vision is almost identical to one given to Joseph Smith years before.

For almost a decade after the Great Disappointment Ellen and James White, and Joseph Bates believed and taught that probation had closed on the world and the fallen churches, and that salvation was now only available to the faithful Millerite’s who continued to believe something special happened in 1844. She had “visions” that confirmed these things which the Adventist church has gone to great lengths to cover up.

Thousands of case studies have been performed on men and women who had similar head injuries that Ellen had when she was 9 years old. They suffer from Frontal Lobe Seizures of the brain. It is well documented that people who suffer this experience vivid visions while looking up with their eyes open. They have almost imperceptible breathing. They become hyper-graphic which means they write more than even the most prolific writers. They are hyper-moral which means they have extraordinarily high moral standards, and are hypo-sexual, which means they frown on almost all sexuality.

During the centuries before Ellen’s time numerous other prophets arose teaching their followers to observe the Sabbath many of whom actually taught higher standards than Ellen did. There other teachings were so bizarre that no one defends their validity and history has rejected them as false prophets. There is no Adventist alive or dead who would ever try to defend any of these other false prophets.

It is well documented that Ellen White copied nearly everything she ever wrote from other contemporary conservative Christian authors. This includes her visions, her testimonies, and her books. She copied from Hastings “Great Controversy between God and man;” “Borrowing” from it the book title, chapter names, and much more. The Ellen White Estate admits that even the prophetic sections of Great Controversy have been copied. Some studies indicate that Desire of Ages has as much as 90% of its content taken from other books.

Both Ellen and James denied in print, that she ever used any other resources while writing her books and testimonies.

Before we end this list, we will return to the Sabbath.

Seventh-day Adventists have lied about history. They claim pagan’s worshiped the sun in their temples every Sunday and coerced or at the very least influenced the early Christians to adopt this practice. This is historically utterly false in every way! While it is true that many pagans worshiped the sun, and they had annual holy days such as Easter and Christmas; they however had absolutely NO WEEKLY observance of any kind. This has been testified to, by dictionaries, encyclopedias, universities, scholars and professors alike, including the Smithsonian and the British Museum. Greeks had a 10 day weekly cycle and the Romans had an 8 day cycle in connection with its business trade. Romans did not adopt the 7 day cycle until over a hundred years after Constantine tried to introduce it through the infamous Sunday law of March 7, 321 A.D. .

During the time that Christian’s began observing Sunday, the only ones who had a 7 day weekly cycle were the Jews and the Egyptians. The Greeks and Romans gave names to their 7 days, but did not observe them.

Christians began observing Sunday BEFORE there was a pope in Rome, and BEFORE the Roman Church had any influence over the other churches throughout Christian dome. Therefore History testifies that neither Catholics nor Pagans influenced the early Christians to observe Sunday, they did this all on their own. The Catholics claim to originate with Peter, and therefore claim anything the early church did was their act. This claim is false, just as many other of their claims have proven to be.

I still maintain that Daniel 7, and Revelation 13 and 17 all point to the Papacy, just like all the reformers have done. So the things I just shared do not let the Catholic Church off the hook by any means.

Sunday is NOT a Sabbath neither is it a holy day. There is no command to “keep it” because no one today needs to “keep it” in the manner that the Sabbath of the Old Testament was observed. Rather it is merely a day Christians assemble for worship.

The reason early Christians began assembling together on Sunday becomes clear when we go back to the first to points we began with.

The 10 commandments written on stone by the finger of God at Mt. Sinai are the Old Covenant.

During Old Testament times men entered into this covenant by observing the SIGN of the Old Covenant which was Sabbath keeping.

Paul taught the early Christians not to let anyone judge them in observing any of the Old Covenant holy days including the Sabbath in Colossians 2:16. I understand how Adventist applies the word Sabbath in that verse. I have done so myself a thousand times. There are very good reasons why this is an inappropriate use of scripture. Ask me more about this and I will be happy to explain. This is meant merely as a summary and quick overview.

History records that Sunday was universally observed by Christians as early as 140 A.D. and by that time Sabbath observance by Christians was almost unheard of. That was the state of things for the first through fourth centuries. Samuel Bacchiocchi’s book From Sabbath to Sunday confirms everything I just said, so you don’t have to take my word for it.

Christians were being martyred during this time in the millions, therefore the argument that they did not want to be bunched in with the Jews to save their lives really not the issue. They were asked to deny Christ, not a day, in order to save their lives. Christians were hated and killed even though they were already assembling on Sunday. Which day they worshiped God did not help them in the slightest. Furthermore the very fact that Christians were the only people group in the entire world attending weekly services on Sunday according to history itself would prove the opposite that Adventist assert. If they were seen worshipping regularly on Sundays it would be obvious that these people were Christians, since no pagan practiced anything of the sort.
If there is any part of this you would like to take a more careful look into, let me know where you would like to begin and I will do everything I can to help you in your search for truth.

David M. Curtis

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