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Welcome to The Loud Cry Christian Outreach Ministry!


Welcome! Topics discussed on The Loud Cry Ministry are mainly about the Bible, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, virgin birth, the Cross, atonement, resurrection, justification, sanctification, book of life, forgiveness of sin, parables, prophecies, the law and grace. All things essential to obtaining peace with God and eternal life. 

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The Loud Cry Ministry in 2012!

In 2011 I put most of my energy into developing LoudCry.org/sda; the section of The Loud Cry devoted as an Evangelical outreach to Seventh-day Adventists. After writing 100+ articles, making dozens of videos, and engaging in lengthy debates with several dozen influential Adventists – in which every argument was effectively tested against scripture and history, over and over, I feel satisfied with what LoudCry.org/sda now has to offer.

In 2012 my attention is shifting to the main section of this website LoudCry.org. This means that tons of new articles covering a wide array of topics will be written; and a very rich library of Bible photos, Christian music videos, and other media and features will be added this new year. What is available now is just the beginning!


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Taking Your Suggestions!

A wide range of topics are already on my ‘To Do List’ for 2012. However I want to know what subjects you want to see addressed this next year on The Loud Cry. Contact me, and send me your requests, so that this ministry can better serve you.

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This website has been made for those who LOVE TO STUDY THE BIBLE. If you want to get deeper in the word of God, you have found the right place.


Now available in 2012

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  • Photos that cover almost every story in the Bible!
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LoudCry.org has been made with everyone in mind, and has much to offer! However there is another portion of this website LoudCry.org/sda that has been made as an outreach ministry to Seventh-day Adventists, discussing certain doctrinal issues that are unique to them, which ‘Sola Fide’Righteousness By Faith ALONE, and the Bible Covenants offer an answer to. Evangelical Christian Ministers and Laymen will find this library of information useful should they decide to speak on the topic with their churches, family and friends. This secondary portion of The Loud Cry Ministry is here to help you in your own Christian outreach, with your Seventh-day Adventist family, friends and associates.

Why No Biblical 7th Day (Saturday) Sabbath-keeping Exists Today, Not Even Amongst the Jews

FYI: www.thesundaylaw.com forwards directly to LoudCry.org/sda

Remember we love to hear from you!


David M. Curtis
Director/Speaker of
The Loud Cry Ministry

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